Inquisitor Israfil Temelchus

Israfil Temelchus is an Inquisitor of distinction among the Ordo Xenos. He was elevated to his current position after have been the acolyte of his previous master, Lord Inquisitor Verna Kerro. Among the Inquisition he is a man known to be a great warrior and philosopher, however he is often derided as being soft.

This reputation stems from his notion that, while the byline of the Imperium is that your life exists for the Emperor, that an Empire full of martyrs will soon stand empty with nothing but corpses to tend their glory.

Despite his supposed reputation for being soft, Israfil is direct and when he acts, he acts with an absolute certainty and conviction. He is loathe to sacrifice more than necessary, and he sees such actions as not only wasteful, but harmful to the Empire.

It is, ultimately, Israfil’s humanity that makes him such a formidable Inquisitor: he has vast networks of spies and friends through all levels of Imperial society that are willing to extend a favor to their old friend. He has cadres of adepts that siphon and filter endless streams of data and reports based on a proprietary system he invented, which gives him his greatest asset: intelligence.

Inquisitor Israfil Temelchus

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